About Me

I have enjoyed my profession since becoming a psychotherapist intern in1983, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in1988 and a CAMFT Certified Supervisor of Interns in 1998.  As “psyche” means the human soul, the word psychotherapy means rendering service to the soul. The image above captures my philosophy. I bridge the science and art of psychotherapy to help people integrate both positive and negative life experiences.  My focus for couples is to remind them that the soul is found in a reflection in the eyes of the other. 

My specialty is to help guide adult individuals and couples.  I create a personalized fusion of my professional training and my background in combination with a blend of the unique experiences of my clients through many years in practice as a psychotherapist. (See Professional Activities and Continuing Education).  This process integrates the research and art of healing in the deep psyche. The healing aspects of the creative arts, poetry, music, movement and gardening inspire me to go deeper into the field of psychotherapy.  Images which may come from the unconscious such as through dreams, nature, art and sensations in the body often offer meaningful experiences and solutions leading to a richer and more fulfilling life.  Expanding body-mind-spirit awareness increases the realm of possibilities leading to self-appreciation and increasing better communication in relationships.

Every one of us is unique and irreplaceable. I listen carefully and include my intuition before deciding on an approach.  My approach is collaborative; using each client’s expertise of themselves.

Because I was a young immigrant from a foreign country, I am sensitive to multi-cultural concerns and world wisdom traditions.  I developed an interest in sociology and cultural anthropology and have traveled to many countries in the world.  This has helped me to weave in an understanding of the familial, social and cultural differences within individuals and between couples. It plays a role in how our diverse perceptions lead to relationship problems needing clarification, differentiation and empathic communication.

The desire to teach was an outgrowth of these experiences.  During my evolution as a psychotherapist I became a C.A.M.F.T. (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) certified supervisor of interns.  This enabled me to teach as I was learning in order to solidify my expertise in this healing profession.

Of utmost importance to me are wisdom and integrity.  The work we do together is done in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.  I provide a safe, supportive, accepting, and sacred space to allow the best conditions for self-healing.